VANS | V 6600 SB


3.500 kg (3.650 kg Opt.)
Lenght 665 cm / Width 214 cm / Height 271 cm
Endless holidays at a low price. The dynamic Etrusco Vans offer everything you need for travelling. The vehicles impress with their compact external dimensions and generous sense of space inside. The bright and modern interior design gives the Vans an “always at home”-feeling at a great price.

details interior


Lenght / Width / Height (cm)

665 / 214 / 271

Internal height (cm) 195
Base engine 2,3 l MJet
Power rating kW (BHP) 88 (120)
Chassis – Typ

Fiat Low frame

Mass in running order (MIRO) (kg)


Payload (kg)


Maximum gross vehicle weight (kg) 3.500
Weight upgrade (optional) (kg) 3.650 (OPT)
Towing weight 12% braked / unbraked 1) (kg) 2.000 / 750
Tyres 215/70 R 15 CP
Wheel base (cm) 380
Permissible number of people with a total mass of 3.500 t 1) 4
Sleeping places 2) 2
Lying area in the middle 4) (cm)

Lying area rear 4) (cm)

1 x 200 x 70
1x 195 x 80
200/195 x 194 (OPT)

Fridge / volume freezer (l) 89 / 11

Water tank incl. Boiler (red.Vol.) 3) / waste water tank

(l) 116 (20) / 92
Battery / charger Ah/A 95/18
Power outlets 230 V 2 (4 OPT)
Power outlets 12 V 1
USB Socket (double) 1
Heating system Combi 4
Swivelling driver’s seat
Swivelling passenger seat
Clear dimension of storage space flap 5) /
storage locker
r in cm

70 x 105

Clear dimension of storage space flap 5) /
storage locker
l in cm

70 x 75 (OPT)


1) General information on the permitted number of people: With the installation of factory chassis options, special equipment and packages, the permitted number of people may be reduced or an increase may be necessary (for additional weights, see optional equipment price list). Homologation of more than 4 persons only in conjunction with the safety package (Coachbuilts) or the optional 5th seat (Low Profiles/A-Class).

2) When ordering the option “bed conversion in the seating area” for the V5900DB, we point out that the wardrobe in the living room will be replaced by a side seat including an overhead locker. by a seat including overhead locker.

3) Capacity of the fresh water tank according to VO (EU) 1230/2012 taking into account the travel limitation (valve on the fresh water tank): 20 liters (travel filling)

4) Please ask your trading partner for bed dimensions, subject to change.

5) Please ask your trading partner for dimensions of storage space flap / storage compartment flap, subject to change

The maximum gross vehicle weight and the permissible axle load may not be exceeded.

The maximum gross vehicle weight and the permissible axle load may not be exceeded. In accordance with VO (EU) 1230/2012 the “mass in running order” includes 20 l fresh water, 1 x alu gas bottle (15 kg) and a cable drum (4 kg).

Technical information may include printing errors and be subject to other mistakes.

r = right

l = left

OPT = optional

• = standard

– = not possible