Safety information

General precautionary statements:

When it comes to e-mail in general, the utmost caution is necessary, particularly when dealing with links and attachments. Here are a few helpful tips for dealing with e-mails:

  • Verify whether or not you are familiar with the alleged company or sender.
  • Verify whether or not your name is written correctly.
  • Is there a customer number or some other element that could be used for identification?
  • Perform a plausibility check: does the company even make the items that are being invoiced?
  • If you are not certain, check to see if the company has posted a warning on their website or in social media.
  • To be on the safe side, you should not open any emails and especially attachments or links that you are not familiar with or were not expecting. Do not let costly invoices or warnings shock you.
  • Your computer should be equipped with current antivirus software for the best possible protection. 

Beware of fake invoices

We would like to inform you about a current spam wave with fake invoices that were sent under the name of Etrusco. The target addresses were selected randomly. No data has been tapped into from Etrusco.

IMPORTANT: Etrusco in principle never sends electronic invoice e-mails with external links. Such e-mails aim to install malicious software on your computer.

With that in mind, please note the following information:

  • Do not open any attachments!
  • Do not click on links!
  • Delete these e-mails immediately!​

Beware of fake sweepstakes on Facebook

Due to a current event, we would like to warn about fake sweepstakes on Facebook.

These kinds of fake sweepstakes promise – often in conjunction with a current or approaching event – a major win, such as a motorhome. The criteria for participation most often involve interacting with the page or providing input: to comment, share, like or send a personal message. These alleged sweepstakes most often do not actually offer a prize and fake sweepstakes are often deleted before the indicated entry deadline.

The operators of these kinds of fake sweepstakes and pages only have financial interests: ranging from harmless plans to sell pages to nasty subscription traps.

Fake sweepstakes usually start by generating as wide a reach as possible to quickly increase the number of fans. Afterwards, the page is then often sold and operated by a new owner with new content. The “adopted” fans then wonder why they ever liked the page.

A less benign scenario occurs when the sweepstakes are modified afterwards and a link is potentially added that leads to partner programmes that will besiege participants with ads in the future or, in extreme cases, lure participants into subscription traps.

Whatever the case, you should always be wary when it comes to sweepstakes on Facebook. Pay attention to the following elements that should be provided by a reputable page operator or for a real sweepstakes:

  • Information about the owner of the page / contact person
  • Legal notice
  • Method of contact
  • Terms and conditions of participation

We expressly distance ourselves from Facebook pages such as “Caravan 2018”, “Vanlife 2019”, “Caravangewinn”, etc. as well as the sweepstakes that are offered there periodically. We do not have any association with the page operators or with the sweepstakes providers.

Your Etrusco Team