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Before the purchase

  • Do you have questions about delivery times and would you like to know when you can enjoy your first holiday with your Etrusco? Your dealer can answer this question for you. He can check the current status of your order at any time and thus keep you up to date. Please note that only the dealer is your contractual partner. Etrusco as the manufacturer is therefore not entitled to provide you with information about delivery times.

  • It is only possible to order vehicles from Etrusco dealers. A local dealer can be found here: To the dealer search

  • No, Etrusco itself does not have a showroom or its own salesroom. The various models are on display at our Etrusco dealers. You can find a local dealer here:
    To the dealer search

  • You can find out the current stock of Etrusco campervans and motorhomes from your local Etrusco dealer. You can find the contact details of the dealer here: To the dealer search

  • You can find catalogs and price lists in paper form at your local Etrusco retailer. You can find a retailer near you here: To the dealer search

    Alternatively, you can download the catalogs in digital form from our website: Catalogs, price lists and rescue cards | Etrusco motorhomes

  • The current price lists of the vehicles are available for download under Catalogs, price lists and rescue cards | Etrusco motorhomes.

    For specific offers or individual equipment requests, we recommend that you contact the dealer directly. You can find a dealer near you here: To the dealer search

About Vehicle

  • With the COC (Certificate of Conformity), the manufacturer proves that the vehicle complies with the valid EU standards or has an EC type approval. It is also known in German as Konformitätsbescheinigung or EG-Übereinstimmungsbescheinigung. It contains all data relevant to registration and makes it much easier to register the vehicle in the countries of the EU. Here you can find information e.g. on permissible tyre/rim combinations, vehicle masses or the exhaust classification of your vehicle. COC papers have only been available for our vehicles since 2010. There are technical data sheets for all previous models, which are generally recognised. If you have any questions, please contact our service team using the contact form below this article.

  • Several manufacturers are often involved in the construction of a motorhome. The vehicles are then homologated in stages. For example, the powerhead from FIAT with a COC (stage 1) can be assembled with a frame-rear axle attachment from e.g. Al-Ko (COC stage 2) to form a chassis. The body manufacturer Etrusco then builds a motorhome on top of this and issues a Etrusco COC (level 3) accordingly. Often there is only level 1 (e.g. Fiat) and level 2 (Etrusco), as the chassis manufacturer builds directly onto the ladder frame. When it comes to topics such as the permissible tyres or load/unloadings, the COC of the last level is always decisive.

  • These two differ mainly in the way they operate. The compressor refrigerator works on operating source 12V and 230V independent of the outside temperature. This means that even at an outside temperature of 40 degrees, the contents of the refrigerator can still be cooled well. The absorber (operating source 12V/230V/gas) is different: it can only cool within a certain temperature range (compared to the outside temperature). 

  • You can order spare parts from your Etrusco dealer or service partner. They will provide you with information on prices, availability and, if necessary, delivery times. For spare parts that do not have to be installed in the vehicle by a technical specialist, your dealer or service partner can also conveniently arrange direct delivery from our logistics centre to an address of your choice if required.
    Find your closest dealer here

  • Your dealer or service partner is the first point of contact for all technical concerns relating to your vehicle.

    Your dealer or service partner will also be happy to help with retrofits & the procurement of spare parts.

    If you are already in contact with your partner or have any other concerns, our service team will be happy to assist you! You can reach our service team conveniently via our request form.

  • With a body battery, you can be self-sufficient for 1-2 days until the battery is empty. With a second body battery, the period is approximately 2-4 days. Please note that the duration is of course dependent on use. 

  • Your dealer or service partner is the first point of contact for all technical matters relating to your vehicle. You will find an overview of all trade or service partners under this article.

    Complaints and warranty claims must always be coordinated with your dealer - he or she will be happy to take care of your concerns. You have already placed the warranty claim or complaint with your dealer, but still have questions about it? Our service team will be happy to help you!

    You can reach our service team conveniently via the enquiry form.

  • If there is a recall, your dealer will contact you directly and inform you about the type, scope and procedure of the recall.

    You can find an overview of our trade and service partners below this article. Find your service partner.

    To be on the safe side, feel free to contact our Service Team via the enquiry form below this article. We can also give you the information whether your vehicle is affected by a recall.

  • Yes, the warranty applies to the vehicle and is therefore transferred to the buyer. In the case of resale, the seller agrees to transfer the claims arising from the tightness warranty to the new buyer.

  • The water ingress garanty is valid for your Etrusco motorhome or camper van for 7 years.
    The buyer is obliged to have annual inspections to ensure that the warranty remains valid.

  • The annual inspection must be carried out by the seller or an authorized Etrusco GmbH dealer and service partner in accordance with the Etrusco GmbH inspection guidelines. Find your local dealer here.

  • The warranty is granted if the following conditions are met:

    • The purchaser has performed all leak inspections uninterruptedly and in a timely manner
    • The vehicle has not reached a maximum mileage of 100,000 km
    • The vehicle has been used in the usual way
    • The vehicle has not suffered any improper treatment or overuse
    • The care instructions and operating instructions of Etrusco GmbH were followed
    • The cause of the leakage was remedied by the purchaser without delay (no later than 14 days after the damage was identified) by the seller or an authorized Etrusco GmbH dealer and service partner, and the vehicle was made available without delay upon request
    • The vehicle has not been exposed to environmental stresses that exceed what is usual and permissible.
    • The warranty area in the vehicle is in its original condition and if work has been carried out, it has been carried out professionally according to the specifications of Etrusco GmbH and has been carried out by the seller or an authorized Etrusco GmbH dealer and service partner.                     
    • The warranty is valid for a maximum of 7 years from the date of first registration or delivery of the vehicle.
  • Through the annual leak test, you receive a guarantee from the dealer that your Etrusco motorhome or camper van through the connections of the outer skin and the parts installed by Etrusco do not contain any water. Examples of the outer skin and parts include roof vent, pop-up window, power sockets, sleeping roof, connections, holes and connections in the areas of floor, wheel housings, side wall, front wall, rear wall, roof and alcove and more. If any water is found the seller will fix the leaks.

  • If you have forgotten the annual date, you can make up the inspection up to six months after the deadline at the latest in order to retain the warranty claims. The calendar day for the follow-up inspection is not postponed by the made-up inspection.

  • You should have an inspection carried out annually in order to maintain the guarantee. This inspection must be carried out by an authorized dealer or service partner of Etrusco GmbH. The first inspection must be carried out within the first year of delivery of the vehicle, at the latest within one year of initial registration. The annual follow-up inspections must be carried out on the calendar day corresponding to the latest date of the initial inspection.

  • You can obtain the current operating instructions from customer service. Please contact our team using the contact form: Customer service & contact | Etrusco motorhomes.

  • The annual leak test must be carried out by an Etrusco GmbH dealer. You can find the locations here: To the dealer search

  • According to our warranty conditions, the leakage guarantee is 7 years. It is important to note that an annual leak test is required under these conditions. If this test is not carried out in a given year, this may invalidate the warranty and you may no longer be entitled to it. It is strongly recommended that you adhere to the prescribed maintenance intervals in order to maintain your warranty claims. If you have any questions, please contact your local dealer directly.

  • The approved child seats for your vehicle are listed in the operating instructions. Alternatively, your dealer can help you. You can find a dealer near you here: To the dealer search

  • The following Etrusco models have Isofix as standard: all campervan models and the semi-integrated models, "T 7.3 SCF" and "T 7.3 QCF". For all other models - except the van models - an Isofix child seat attachment can be ordered as an option (as of April 2024).

  • The CV 600 BB campervan is equipped with a diesel heater (as of April 2024).

  • The current CV 400 DF 4x4 campervan is currently only available with manual transmission.

  • Etrusco currently supplies an optional sleeping roof for Fiat-based campervans.

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