Extended warranty

Care-free adventures? We’ve got you covered.

Your Etrusco extended warranty

Purchasing an Etrusco motorhome means choosing an especially high-quality product. After all, you can only experience the unforgettable sense of freedom that you crave if you can fully rely on your vehicle.

Our extended warranty in partnership with CG Car-Garantie-Versicherungs-AG includes additional, comprehensive cover that extends far beyond the statutory periods.

Extra peace of mind for even greater freedom

  • Flexible extended warranty period 
  • High planning reliability 
  • Repair costs included
  • Liquidity protection in the event of repairs 
  • No advance outlays in the event of a warranty claim
  • Valid throughout Europe 

We want you to enjoy carefree adventures and make unforgettable memories. Which is why we offer reliable and comprehensive protection against unexpected repairs to your vehicle through our partner company, CarGarantie.

Scope of warranty* for motorhomes

  • Engine
    Sealing ring housing; internal parts in connection with the oil circuit; engine oil cooler; engine block; camshaft housing; oil pressure switch; oil filter housing; oil level sensor; oil pan; flywheel/drive pulley with sprocket; tension pulley for timing belt; timing housing cover; timing belt; idler pulley for timing belt; valve stem seal; cylinder head; cylinder head gasket
    Manual and automatic transmission
    Drive plate; dual clutch for dual-clutch transmission; torque converter; transmission oil cooler; transmission housing; internal components of manual and automatic transmission; clutch master cylinder; clutch slave cylinder; clutch actuator; shift actuator; control unit for automatic transmission; control unit for automated manual transmission
    Axle and transfer box
    Flange; gearbox housing; internal components of axle and transfer box
    Power transmission
    Drive shaft; drive shaft joint; speed sensor (ASR); pressure accumulator (ASR); Haldex clutch; hydraulic unit (ASR); cardan shaft; charge pump (ASR); centre bearing (cardan shaft); wheel bearing; control unit (ASR), viscous coupling
    Electric steering lock; electric power steering motor; electronic steering components; hydraulic pump (steering); steering gear with all internal parts
    Brake system
    ABS speed sensor; ABS hydraulic unit; ABS control unit; brake force limiter; brake force regulator; brake booster; brake light switch; brake calliper; master brake cylinder; hydropneumatic pressure regulator; hydropneumatic pressure accumulator; drum brake wheel cylinder; hand brake control unit; vacuum pump
    Fuel system
    Injection pump; electronic components of the engine management system; high-pressure pump; compressor; fuel pump; turbocharger; pre-feed pump
    Electrical system
    On-board computer; electrical lines in the electronic injection system; electronic components of the ignition system; generator; generator free-wheel; generator regulator; heater and fresh-air fan motor; instrument cluster; read coil; fuse box; signal horn; starter; starting generator; control units (without navigation, lighting, chassis, multimedia, radar); preheating relay/control unit; wiper motor; ignition cable

    Cooling system
    Heater heat exchanger; cooling fan motor; fan clutch; thermoswitch; thermostat; thermostat housing; water cooler (engine); water pump; auxiliary water pump
    Exhaust system
    EGR cooler; electronic components of the exhaust gas purification system
    Safety systems
    Airbag control unit; crash sensor; electrical connectors; seat belt pretensioner control unit; cable sets; steering wheel contact terminal; tyre pressure control system sensor; tyre pressure control system control unit; seat occupancy sensor; adaptive cruise control control unit; collision warning system control unit; lane departure warning control unit; traffic sign recognition control unit
    Air-conditioning system
    A/C compressor; A/C condenser; A/C fan; A/C control unit; A/C evaporator; A/C automatic control unit; compressor coupling
    Electrical convenience systems
    Power window motor; power window switch; power window control unit; windscreen heating elements (excluding breakage); rear window heating elements (excluding breakage); sunroof motor; sunroof switch; sunroof control unit; door/tailgate lock; door control unit; central locking motor; central locking switch; central locking control unit
    Vehicle dynamics system
    Brake pressure sensor; ESP control unit; yaw moment sensor; steering angle sensor; lateral acceleration sensor; wheel speed sensor; control unit traction control

  • Oven and hob
    Oven; pressure regulator; extractor hood; flame detector; gas burner; hob; microwave; safety ignition system
    Superstructure electrical systems
    Battery charger; control panel; roof fan; charge booster; reversing camera (but not monitor, switch, wiring); SAT antenna; sensors; solar module; solar regulator; voltage converter; control units; touch screen; distributor; inverter
    Gas system
    Shut-off valve; external socket; DuoControl; MonoControl; safety controller; distributor valve
    Injector; injection pump; flame detector; heater and fresh-air fan motor; altitude kit; switches; control units; thermostat; hot-air heater; water heater; water pump
    Air-conditioning system
    Built-in air-conditioning unit

    Pressure regulator; flame thermostat; flame detector; heating element; compressor; condenser; temperature control switch; door seal; overheating switch; 12/24V and 240V selector switch
    Exhaust air system; cassette toilet; waterless toilet; vacuum toilet; incinerating toilet; macerator toilet
    Pressure reducer; electrovalve; filter system (without filter insert); control unit; water boiler; water pump; water level indicator
    Gas spring for pop-top roofs; sleeping roof supports

Put your trust in our expertise

Your Etrusco dealer and CarGarantie are ready to provide reliable support in the event of a warranty claim or if you have any questions. The EHG extended warranty is available for both new and pre-owned vehicles. Unfortunately, only vehicles registered in Germany are currently eligible.

The EHG extended warranty for new vehicles and the EHG warranty for pre-owned vehicles are products of CG CarGarantie Versicherungs AG (CarGarantie). CarGarantie has been one of the leading and most experienced warranty specialists in Europe for almost 50 years.

Warranty period

  • New vehicles***

    12 month warranty - vehicles up to 4.5 t permissible total weight: 549,00 €1
    24 month warranty- vehicles up to 4.5 t permissible total weight: 999,00 €1
    36 month warranty - vehicles up to 4.5 t permissible total weight: 1.499,00 €1

    1 Premium including statutory insurance tax

  • Pre-owned vehicles**

    12 month warranty - vehicles up to 4.5 t permissible total weight: 699,00 €1
    24 month warranty - vehicles up to 4.5 t permissible total weight: 1179,00 €1

    1 Premium including statutory insurance tax

Extended warranty** for new vehicles

With the Etrusco extended warranty** for new vehicles, CarGarantie will cover the full cost of labour and materials in the event of a warranty claim, even if your vehicle is damaged more than once. There is no excess for you to pay. You can also choose to take out a 12-, 24- or even 36-month warranty via your authorised Etrusco dealer.

Extended warranty** for pre-owned vehicles

The Etrusco extended warranty** for pre-owned vehicles covers the full cost of labour and materials in the event of damage to a vehicle under three years old. Of course, this also applies if your vehicle suffers damage more than once. CarGarantie will cover the costs of this.
A value-based excess, graduated according to the vehicle’s actual age, only applies for the material costs (see chart) for older vehicles. In this case, you can also take out a warranty for 12 or 24 months if you buy the vehicle from an authorised dealer. For more information, please contact your dealer.

Fast service is our strength

How can you submit a warranty claim?

It’s very simple: If you are in Germany, please contact your Etrusco dealer directly. They will repair the damage and settle the claim directly with CarGarantie. This ensures that you will receive convenient and uncomplicated support. If your dealer is not available or you are abroad, you can submit your warranty claim using the 24-hour CarGarantie hotline at +49 (0)761 4548-7551. The repair can then be carried out at any specialist workshop – anywhere in Europe.

Please note: In order for the repair cost protection to apply, you must comply with the care and maintenance intervals prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. Talk to your dealer about this – they will be happy to carry out this work for you.

* The specific terms and conditions for RM-EHG as set forth by CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG apply, which you can obtain from your dealer.
* The specific terms and conditions for CA-EHG as set forth by CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG apply, which you can obtain from your dealer.
** Repair costs insurance in accordance with the detailed terms and conditions of Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG.

Any questions?

Then just send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you and will reply as soon as we can.